Writing, editing and proofreading SERVICES


If you are looking for words – powerful words, persuasive words, words to influence, grab attention, build relationships and make you shine – you’ve come to the right place.

I can find the words when you or your clients can’t.

I can also polish any words that have been written and get them working for you.

I’m a freelancer which means you can call on me as the need for writing, editing and proofreading services arises. Or if you have an ongoing project or something that needs to be done on a regular basis, I can help with that too.

Leave it to me and I’ll make every one of your words count.

Your first step is to contact me and ask for a writing, editing or proofreading quotation.

Thanks Gina.  Loved the work.  I can’t believe you got the gist in such a short period of time. You provided me with exactly what I needed in your first submission and two days before deadline!  Thanks for your contribution to this new and exciting initiative.
Jaye Coley, Balance by Deborah Hutton

WRITING services

Including copywriting, web content writing, script writing, report writing, creative writing, speech writing, business writing and more.

The deadline is looming and you need to create something outstanding. As your freelance writer I will take your thoughts and ideas and the information you provide and combine them with my own to write something new… something that will win a customer, change an opinion, educate a reader, promote a service or report a result (and I will meet your deadline!). Read more…

EDITING services

You’ve done it. You’ve finally got the words down on paper. You can’t rest yet though because you know there is room for improvement.

  • Are the technical details clear?
  • Is there too much jargon?
  • What about the acronyms – are they explained?
  • Is anything missing?

You’re too close to the document to really know what the quality is like. As your freelance editor I will help you to produce a clear, concise and consistent message that has been prepared with your audience in mind. Read more…


You’re about to publish but feel a little nervous – there’s a lot riding on this! Is everything right? Imagine the repercussions if it isn’t. As your freelance proofreader I will check that everything is in order. Read more…

Need help with more than just the words? I work with a range of project partners who are experts in their own fields. Let me know who you’re looking for and I’ll recommend someone who can help.