My writing, editing and proofreading quotations include a summary of what you’ve asked me to do (‘scope of works’), my fee and my trading terms. These same trading terms apply whether I am working for an agreed fee or an hourly rate.

My terms, as follow, have been developed to ensure we both benefit from any business relationship we enter into.


Between: Gina Smith t/as The Word Shop ABN 60 470 596 756 (‘me’, ‘I’)

And: [MY CLIENT] (‘you’, ‘your’)

1.       About this offer

This document is an offer to enter into an agreement with you regarding the services outlined in the ‘scope of works’ above.

The ‘scope of works’ outlines your instructions to me regarding your requirements. You must contact me immediately if I have misunderstood your instructions.

This offer is valid for 30 days.

2.       Your acceptance of this offer

You may accept this offer by:

a)          providing me with your written instructions to proceed

b)          paying the deposit amount requested (if any).

Your timely acceptance of this offer is essential for me to ensure on-time delivery.

3.        Your brief

A full briefing, any source documents or reference materials and any further instructions regarding your requirements must be provided to me immediately following your acceptance of this offer and prior to me commencing work.

Any changes to your requirements will result in a fee variation (see ‘Fees’ below).

4.       Services summary

As your freelance writer I will take the information you provide and write something new. It might be modelled on something you’ve done before, it might even include some information you’ve written. The words I write will clearly and concisely communicate a consistent message, creatively and effectively targeted to your audience.

As your freelance editor I will improve your written communication. I will rewrite sections, as appropriate, to achieve clarity and remove redundancy; I will restructure to improve flow and understanding; and I will proofread your document.

As your freelance proofreader I will complete a final quality check of your document. I will focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and text inconsistencies.

When editing and proofreading, I will not alter a document’s existing formatting, layout or design. When writing I will not produce a ‘designed’ document. I write in Microsoft Word.

5.       Fees

This document states my fee for the work I will undertake.

This fee has is based on the ‘scope of works’ above.

By accepting this offer you are accepting to pay me this fee.

You may ask me to undertake additional work which is outside the ‘scope of works’. Should this occur you will incur additional costs; these costs will generally be charged at my current hourly rate.

6.       Invoices

Invoices will generally be issued upon completion of work.

I may ask you for a deposit (an advance payment on future fees to be incurred by you). Should this occur, I will commence work after payment has been received and funds have cleared. The deposit is non refundable and non transferrable.

I may ask for progress payments (usually at four week intervals or upon reaching a milestone). Progress payments are non refundable and non transferable.

Should you delay the project for longer than three months, I will close the file, issue an invoice requesting a progress payment and requote upon recommencement.

My invoices are payable 7 days after receipt.

If an invoice remains unpaid for more than 60 days I will initiate debt collection proceedings. Any debt collection costs will be passed on to you.

7.       Copyright

You must hold the copyright for any of the material you provide for use. For material you do not hold the copyright for, you must be able to provide evidence of permission from the copyright holder to use the material.

I will not breach any third-party copyright in the work I provide to you.

I will retain the copyright for the work until my fees are paid in full. This means the work must not be published prior to payment being made. Once payment has been received copyright for the work will transfer to you.

I will retain the portfolio copyright for the work. This means I have the right to disclose my role and display the work in my portfolio. This may include placing your company name and logo (and if relevant, your client’s company name and logo) on my website with a description of the work or a copy of the work itself (unless the work is confidential or not publically available).

8.       Confidentiality

Any confidential information you provide to me will be maintained in confidence.

9.       Liability

You will review the work I provide to you in terms of its accuracy, correctness, product safety and information standards, any disclosure statements, codes of conduct or other industry standards, and it’s fitness for purpose and accept all liability for the work.

You will indemnify me (including my contractors, employees and agents) and will keep me indemnified from and against any loss (including reasonable legal costs and expenses) or liability incurred from any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding in relation to the work.

10.   Termination

Either of us may terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason by giving written notice.  I will be entitled to payment of all accrued fees and costs upon termination.