When you ask me to write, edit or proofread something I consider how long it will take me to do the work and calculate my fee using my current hourly rate. I include time to consult with you and complete any necessary research, and time to undertake the writing, editing or proofreading you’ve asked me to complete.

I don’t have a pricelist because every project is different. Instead, I aim to complete the writing, editing or proofreading in the shortest possible timeframe, while ensuring all of your needs are met. That’s not to say I rush things. I give your work exactly the attention it deserves; exactly the attention you’ve asked me to give to it. The tortoise might have beaten the hare in that very famous race, but when you’re paying by the hour slow and steady won’t cut it.

The fee I include in my quotation is the total fee you pay when the work is done. Everyone likes a surprise but not on an invoice! Of course, if you ask me to do something extra or different along the way I’ll either revise my fee and seek your approval of the revision, or I’ll seek your approval to apply my current hourly rate to the additional work.

Dare to compare

When asking freelancers like me to quote, by all means ask the hourly rate but also check what you’ll get for your hour. Some writers, editors and proofreaders will have the experience and capability to deliver a lot in an hour (like me). Others will deliver a lot less.

So don’t stop at the hourly rate. Ask the writer, editor or proofreader to tell you their total fee and compare that, along with each person’s experience including their portfolio, and you’ll end up with the best person for the job.

No project is too big. No project is too small.

My quotations come free of charge and without any obligation. So if you’re wondering how much it will cost to seek my assistance, contact me and ask. I’d be very happy to quote on any project, big or small.