Frequently asked questions


All I need you to do is to contact me. I’ll start by explaining how I work and ask you some very easy questions. I will then prepare a writing, editing or proofreading quote for your approval, and once you give me the green light, I will get to work.

I retain the copyright until my fees are paid in full and then it transfers to you. This means the work must not be published prior to your payment being received by me. However, I retain the ‘portfolio copyright’ which means I have the right to display the work in my portfolio and disclose my role (unless of course the work is confidential or not available to the public).

I have 22 years experience in the industry and have worked with lots of first-class project partners– graphic designers, desktop publishers, website developers, branding specialists, marketing strategists, public relations consultants and printers. So if you are looking for help to get your project across the line (other than writing, editing and proofreading help that is!) I’d be pleased to provide you with some names.

I am a specialist writer, editor and proofreader but I haven’t specialised in one medium (so I’m not just an online writer, for example) or one industry. My portfolio reveals some of the things I’ve worked on and some of the people I’ve worked with; you’ll see my experience is very broad. Please don’t assume that I haven’t met the needs of someone in your industry just because an example doesn’t appear in my portfolio. I also have lots of examples on file and would be pleased to provide these on request. Just contact me and ask.

Again, every writing, editing and proofreading project is different. Even though two projects may appear to be similar on the surface, one may require lots of writing, editing and proofreading time while the other may require a lot less. If you have a deadline to meet (even if it’s very tight) please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you to meet it.

Every writing, editing and proofreading project is different so I don’t have a pricelist. However, I am very happy to provide you with an obligation-free quotation; simply contact me and tell me a little bit about what you’re doing and I’ll tell you my fee.