You’ve gone to the trouble of doing the writing yourself.
The trouble is, you know what you’ve written isn’t quite right.

I edit for people who want to be heard.

With so many messages received daily by your audience, if yours isn’t perfectly targeted it won’t be heard. I sharpen your words and language, make the messages simple and meaningful, and ensure your message is complete. I perfect what has been written and help you to get your message through.

I edit for people who want to make an impact.

Sometimes you know your copy won’t get you where you need to be. I edit to create a clear, consistent and well-targeted message that speaks in one united voice (even if there has been many authors), and is easy to read and understand. The kind of message that will make a difference because it makes an impact.

I edit for people who value quality.

Mistakes matter – big and small. They impact on your reputation and hinder your success. If quality is important to you (and it should be!), leave it to me to fix the grammatical errors and inconsistencies, and polish your work. Sometimes you’re too close to see the mistakes yourself.

I can edit to meet any brief.

I edit web content and other advertising copy – brochures, press ads, newsletters, catalogues and more. I also edit corporate documents – letters, annual reports, award entries, manuals and user guides, company profiles, business plans, project proposals and submissions.

My portfolio showcases some of my work. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact me. I have more editing projects on file.

Some of the things I do when I edit.

When I edit I correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, and ensure your document complies with any corporate style guides. I offer alternatives when the wording is clumsy or repetitive, or the meaning is ambiguous. I also highlight inconsistencies of fact or logic. I restructure sentences, paragraphs and whole documents.

The level of editing I apply depends on the quality of the document and what you require. Some documents need a heavy edit. For others, a light edit is enough.

The following guide (and it is just a guide) helps to explain the difference between what I do when I proofread or complete a light edit or heavy edit. It may help you to decide what your document needs. If you’re not sure, send me some sample pages and I will give you my opinion.


Light edit

Heavy edit




Style guide compliance

Sentence structure, meaning and flow

Document structure

As your editor, I’ll see the problems you won’t see. I’ll also ensure your message is right. You don’t need to settle for something that’s second rate. Contact me today.