Well, it’s the question I asked myself when making-over my website. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself the same thing.

So what exactly is a blog?

A blog is a type of website or part of a website that provides you with the ability to regularly write and post (or publish) your thoughts and ideas. Blog posts are usually arranged in chronological order, the most recent post generally appears at the top of the main page and the oldest is at the bottom.

A blog is usually ‘owned’ by one person. Most bloggers allow their readers to comment on their posts and ask questions about the subject matter. As a result, some blogs have huge followings.

There are more people writing blogs today than were writing them last week, last month and last year and they all have their own reasons for doing it. There are also millions of people reading blogs every minute of the day and night.

So what motivated me to write a blog?

It‘s an easy way for me to communicate with my clients and potential clients. It makes me more accessible and approachable. It gives people insight into my professional experience and expertise as a freelance writer, freelance editor and freelance proofreader and therefore helps to build my credibility. It also helps improve my search engine results and brings more visitors to my website; I hope that one day these new visitors might become new clients.

How did I get started?

This might be my very first personal blog entry but I’m a seasoned blog writer; in fact I’ve been writing blogs on behalf of my clients for many years. Yes, it’s true; not all blogs are written by their owners.

Blogging is one of the writing services I offer. But if you are going to go it alone, here are some things to consider…

KEEP IT SHORT. You might have a lot to say but a blog is not the place to say it. Keep your posts short and post as often as you can; it will help to keep your readers engaged and it won’t hurt your search engine rankings either.

RELAX! When writing, imagine you are talking one-on-one with your reader. This means you should relax the formalities a little and give your readers an insight into your personality while sharing your professional expertise.

CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY. Search engines consider many things when ranking your website and your content is one thing they look at. Whether you’ve generated your own list of keywords or engaged a professional to help you define them, remember to use them (and use them often) as you write your blog.

Happy blogging! Or if you see the value in having a blog but can’t find the time to write one yourself, I’d be happy to be your blog writer. I’d be very happy to explore the idea with you so please contact me.